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EMIF: E-managing the Future of Health Data

March 16th-17th, Budapest

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4th EMA-EBE joint Regulatory Policy Seminar: Emerging Medicinal Products – from Laboratory to Patient use

December 14th, De Vere Venues, Canary Warf, London 

Emerging Medicinal Products – from laboratory to patient use.
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Better Science, Better Health: New Healthcare Models

October 27th - 28th, US Congress, Washington DC, US

An International Gathering of the World’s Thought Leaders in New Healthcare Models.


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Interview with Keith Thompson, CEO of the UK Cell Therapy Catapult: Advanced therapies stand poised to change the drug discovery and development paradigm

(November 25, 2015): After years of painstaking research, cell, gene and tissue therapies are turning in unprecedented evidence of efficacy in phase I/II. Unlike the old model, where the sole focus would now be on phase III, companies need to work simultaneously on manufacturing, logistics, pricing and getting the product to the patient, says Keith Thompson.

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Views from Eduardo Bravo of TiGenix: Allogeneic stem cell therapy makes a breakthrough in the clinic and is poised to address unmet medical need

(November 25, 2015): Positive data in the phase III trial of TiGenix’s Cx601 allogeneic cell therapy indicates it could provide a one-off treatment for complex perianal fistulas, a complication of Crohn’s disease. The results open up a completely new avenue for treatment of patients who do not respond to existing therapies, says Eduardo Bravo, CEO of Tigenix.

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Interview with Emil Pot, co-founder of ActoGeniX: Europe needs larger investment funds to create a funding escalator from phase II to phase III

(November 19, 2015): With more companies advancing innovative therapies to the end of phase II, the funding requirements of European biotech are spiralling. A new initiative is required to create large and liquid funds to support the next stage of growth and ensure Europe reaps the benefits – both medical and commercial – of its excellent research, says Emil Pot.

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Report from the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) Investor Day in London: As cell and gene therapies turn in positive clinical data, attention turns to delivery to patients

(November 12, 2015 - London): After huge investment in the basic science and translation to the clinic, Europe’s advanced therapies companies are accumulating data, which indicate these products have an unprecedented effect. Now effort is needed to develop manufacturing, organise logistics, agree reimbursement and ensure patients get the benefits. Vital Transformation reports for EBE from the ARM Conference.