WEBINAR: GetReal – Synthesis and integration of real-world evidence in network meta-analyses and outcome prediction

May 10, 2016 This webinar on “Synthesis and integration of real-world evidence in network meta-analyses and outcome prediction” will give the participants an understanding of important methodological key deliverables achieved by the IMI GetReal team.


LIVE BROADCAST: Get Real – Introduction to the concept of drivers of effectiveness

April 18, 2016 The webinar will introduce the concept of drivers of effectiveness and will provide an overview of the methods which can be used to identify them early during the drug development plan.


EMIF: E-managing the Future of Health Data

March 16th-17th, Budapest Harnessing electronic health records and real world evidence to create new therapies more efficiently is quickly becoming a reality. How do we maximize the benefits offered by harnessing available health data while solving issues around its reuse and work with regulators to provide the right evidence?. Supported by:


IMI GetReal Broadcast: Introduction to the Concept of Drivers of Effectiveness

On 18 April 2016, leaders from IMI GetReal met at the Takeda offices in London for a live broadcast: “Introduction to the concept of drivers of effectiveness”. The broadcast introduced the concept of drivers of effectiveness and provided an overview of the methods that can be [...]

IMI GetReal Webinar: Effectiveness research: navigating real world solutions

March 23, 2016
On 23 March 2016, leaders from the IMI GetReal project met in London to for the webinar “Effectiveness research: navigating real world solutions”. Part of the IMI GetReal project has focused on exploring how best to tackle effectiveness research before marketing authorisation. Towards this end, the project has gathered valuable insight from stakeholders and decision-makers on the value of real-world evidence and the acceptability of approaches to gather that evidence to support marketing authorisation and subsequent HTA assessment.

COCIR eHealth Summit Speaks with Duane Schulthess, Managing Director Vital Transformation

March 9, 2016
It's not really about the technology - it's about the political will. We know how to solve the data problems... the problem is how we get the right people to buy in...The future challenge is not going to be technology, it's going to be will and money - I think Europe can do it and I think COCIR can help.


Better Science, Better Health
27-28th October 2015, US Congress, Washington DC
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Universal health: Investing in Health and Wellbeing for All
June 29th-30th, RIGA
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Interview with top drug regulator
Adaptive Licensing is a New Paradigm – for Everyone
Luca Pani, Director General of the Italian Medicines Agency

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Webinar: MAPPs – New Tools for Decision Making
April 14th, 2015, 2-3pm CEST
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RWE and Health Data in the EU: viable public policy vs. political overreach
February 7, 2016 - by Duane Schulhtess, Managing Director, Vital Transformation

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