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The International Pricing Index: What will be the Impact on Patients, Outcomes, and Innovation?

According to research from the US Health and Human Services, US tax payers pay 1.8 times the international price for medicines and are ‘subsidizing’ global healthcare. In order to combat this imbalance, the Trump administration is proposing the “International Pricing Index” (IPI) payment model to reduce reimbursement levels for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Following Vital Transformation's research on investment success factors for biotech companies released at the European Health Forum Gastein, Vital Transformation presented original research modelling the potential impact both short and long term for patients, payers, and industry for such proposals, and show how the IPI can impact access and innovation broadly. As well, the panellists placed the IPI into the context of other models currently being investigated internationally such as value based payments, managed entry agreements, and adaptive pathways.


Our Communication Services

Peter Young is a Venture Partner at Pappas Capital, and brings to his investment approach thirty-five years of experience in the biopharma sector. The former Vice President and Therapy Head at Glaxo Wellcome in the mid-1990s, Peter led the global introduction of combination HIV therapies that revolutionized HIV treatment, quintupled Glaxo’s HIV sales, and maintained leadership on global treatment access. Peter has since served as CEO of two private start-ups, a vaccine company that raised over $80 million in NIH, HIV, and biodefense grants, and a specialty pharmaceutical company he led to a successful exit.

In a podcast recorded at the BIO International conference, Peter discusses the ramifications of the Trump Administration’s proposals for international reference pricing in Medicare Part B, as well as how to balance the higher prices being driven by smaller, targeted indications and the need to support the natural movement of science in rare therapies. We also discuss the ‘hot-button’ issues around the orphan drug legislation and how we can constructively move forward without throwing the orphan baby out with the bathwater.

This Better Science, Better Health Podcast is made possible with the support of EUCOPE.


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Azar’s Plan To Tie U.S. Drug Prices To Foreign Ones Will Impact Investments In R&D

Photographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg

Publish date: June 21, 2019 By John LaMattina, Contributor for Forbes

Azar claims that HHS can reduce spending on Medicare Part B drugs with little impact on biopharmaceutical R&D investment. Duane Schulthess, Managing Director at VitalTransformation, questioned Azar’s claim on this. As he delved into specific compounds on Azar’s list of 27, he found some startling data. One striking case is with Biogen’s Multiple Sclerosis drug, Tysabri.

Investing in EU Biotech IP – What Works?

Vital Transformation released its newest research at the European Health Forum Gastein on October 4th, 2018. Our project analysed 116 EU biotech start-ups from the period of 2001 – 2007 through September 21, 2018 from the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. We focused on companies developing medicinal products for human consumption. In this work, we compared the impact of IPOs (stock market listings), private investors, and direct EU funding on their success or failure.




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